Congratulations to our 2016-2017 Track Team!!


Under the direction of Coach Tanya Bowen, the boys and girls track team scored 1st place in our division!!!!  This was our first year participating in this event, so this is a HUGE accomplishment.   Coach Bowen stated, “I already knew how amazing these kids were, but on Saturday, ALL of Denison Stadium knew it too! We had other schools cheering for us and I was approached by several other coaches who complimented us on our amazing sportsmanship. Thank you to everyone who came and supported us. I know it meant so much to the entire team.”


Here are a few of the highlights…..


50 yd dash-Julia Dodd -4th place

440 relay-Kari Soto, Abby White, Mackensi Mathews, Julia Dodd -1st place

100 yd dash=Kari Soto-1st place/Mackensi Mathews-4th place

Long Jump-Brielle Robinson-1st place/Emly Hernandez-2nd place

Softball throw-Miranda Bardales-4th place

Tug of War-2nd place



50 yd dash-Khristian Harris-3rd place

440 dash-Jaylen Jones-2nd place

440 relay-Khristian Harris, Javarious Johnson, Richardson Berto, Jay-len Jones-1st place

880 relay-Khristian Harris, Javarious Johnson, Zach Ransom, Richardson Berto-1st place

Long Jump-Richardson Berto-1st place/Trey’On Ellington-4th

Softball throw-Trey’On Ellington-2nd/Zachary Wagle-4th place

Tug of War-1st