How to Pass the Math FSA Video series provides a positive and informative environment for students and parents to learn the expectations of the tested math standards in grades 3-5.

These videos teach students (and parents too) how to solve 3rd – 5th Grade FSA Math-style problems. The standards covered are tested on the FSA Assessment.

3rd Grade FSA Math

4th Grade FSA Math

5th Grade FSA Math


Prodigy free math games for Grades 1-8.


Room Recess provides free learning games that reinforce learning in math, reading, spelling, language arts, and basic problem solving.

Reading FSA

How can you help before the FSA Reading test?

  1. Have your child read for focused periods of time to increase reading stamina.
  1. Have your child practice reading “less interesting” materials.
  1. Ask questions about what they have read.  Ask them to make real world connections to the concepts they are learning in school (example: identify the theme of an episode of their favorite television show).
  1. Have them prove/disprove answers.

Reducing Stress

  1. Stress levels depend on individual children.
  2. Make certain you are calm when discussing FSA with students.
  3. Discuss tests with kids, but keep in mind their personalities.
  4. Depending on your child, it may put them at ease to see the sample assessments online.
  5. Make a game plan of the strategies that he/she is going to use. If they get stressed during the test, how will it be best for he/she to get back on track and calm themselves down?
  6. Help boost confidence beforehand (nightly homework, grades coming home, reading, etc.)!